Something Old, Something New…

Thomas KrafftHi, I’m Thomas Krafft – a hopeful composer from California’s Bay Area, working on introducing my works to the world, while also raising funding for various projects. I’m juggling a few things at the moment, but am looking forward to sharing my stories and updates with you as things progress.

You’ll find a few examples of my work below – two pieces specifically composed for weddings, and another to say goodbye to my dad. I have more than a dozen other pieces you might find here soon as well. All works here are for demonstration purposes only, but I’ll be sure to let you know when these and others are finally produced and available on iTunes.

I’ll post updates via Twitter @KrafftMusic, or feel free to contact me with any questions!

Kindest regards,
Thomas W. Krafft

My music: These are lower-quality, non-studio recordings. The wedding pieces are structured to allow for any length of wedding procession (as the bride enters the ceremony, and as the newlywed couple takes their first steps together). Different variations of the main theme can be played and repeated any number of times before the finale ending is played.

The Bride’s Procession (Piano)
© Thomas W. Krafft

The Wedding March, Recessional (Organ, Brass)
© Thomas W. Krafft

Goodbye (Passing the Torch), July 9, 2013
© Thomas W. Krafft

Note, these audio files are for demonstration purposes only, and may not be copied or distributed. I oppose DRM restrictions and anti-consumer media practices – and I respect musicians’ rights to generate income from their works. Please show the same respect for mine.